Wondering How You Can Power Your Health? Sleep on it!

Believe it or not, sleep is not a luxury. Sleep is as essential to life as eating and breathing. The benefits of sleep cannot be had any other way, but the key to getting the full benefits is to get enough sleep. We need at least 8 hours every night to keep from burning out.

Letter ZGetting good sleep is like pressing your very own “recharge” button. It allows your mind and body to rest so you can function at your best each day, and it re-powers your energy so you can live life to its fullest. It also evens out your breathing patterns, enabling total relaxation—which you deserve!

It is impossible to POWER YOUR HEALTH (or anything else) without enough sleep! Consider the benefits of getting enough—and the drawbacks of getting too little.

Benefits of 8-10 Hours per Night, Every Night! Drawbacks of Not Getting Enough Sleep on a Regular Basis
  • Your body repairs and replenishes itself
  • Your mind is clearer
  • You’re in a better mood
  • You have more energy
  • It reduces stress and depression
  • Dreaming helps your mind work through problems
  • There’s a reason they call it “beauty rest!” You LOOK and FEEL better.
  • Slow, groggy, foggy, not at your best
  • Moody and negative
  • Poor performance at work or school
  • You enjoy life less, and people enjoy YOU less!
  • Slows down motor skills, which is dangerous when doing things like driving
  • Bottom line is, you’re not at your best, and you and everyone else knows it!

Fun fact: When you get enough sleep, your brain cells have time to regenerate so you can function better.

Having trouble sleeping? Try this:

  • Read a book or take a bath
  • Avoid stimulating your brain with television or the computer before bed
  • Clean your room—a clear space leads to a clearer and more relaxed mind
  • EXERCISE relieves stress and helps your body fall asleep at the end of the day